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If you've shopped with us before, you might notice that things look a bit different. We're turning 30 this year and thought it was time for an updated look. Don't worry though, we're still the same company!

Same quality, New look.

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Celebrating 30 Years
Same Quality, New Look

Case Studies

Case Studies

Tecomet Achieves Faster Cleaning Of Bone Implants With Ultrawave's Neon Series Image

Tecomet is a leading global source of innovative medical device solutions, including orthopaedic implants, surgical instruments, and sterilisation cases and trays.

Ultrawave's Reduces Coffee Boiler Descaling Time From 2 Days To Less Than 1 Hour Image

Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner helped GMS Espresso to cut coffee boiler cleaning time from 2 days to less than 1 hour, whilst reducing costs by 50% and improving productivity and cleaning quality by 90%.

Ultrawave Deliver Microscopic Cleaning Success To Linx Printing Technologies Image

Read how global supplier of coding and marking equipment, Linx Prining Technologies have incorporated an Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaning system into their new HQ in Cambridgeshire, UK. 

Cheshire Classic Cars Drive To Success With Ultrawave Image

We provided Cheshire Classic Cars and Ultrasonic cleaning solution to maintain the highest standards in cleaning.

Smarter Faces For Automotive Instrument Maker Thanks To Ultrawave Image

The Ultrawave team visited Caerbont’s production facility to completely understand their processes before delivering and installing an ultrasonic cleaning solution.

Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation Achieve Perfect Clean Of Carburettors Image

Ultrawave, manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, donated an ex-demo industrial ultrasonic cleaner to Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation (OUMF) for cleaning carburettors.

Ultrawave Reduce Aerospace Components Cleaning Time By Up To 40% Image

The aerospace industry demands the highest cleaning standards in order to meet their customers' requirements. Find out how Ultrawave helped one such aerospace business.

Irish Aerospace Flies High Thanks To Ultrawave Ultrasonic Image

Read how we helped a leading aircraft maintenance company achieve the highest standards in cleaning.

Docking Engineering increase revenue using Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning System Image

Docking Engineering used to subcontract their cleaning. Read how Ultrawave saved them money with an in-house ultrasonic cleaning system.

Redman Engineering Reduce Cleaning Time By 98% Image

Read how Ultrawave helped Redman Engineering improve cleaning quality whilst reducing cleaning time, and solvent use.

Vantage Drilling International Benefits From Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Image

Vantage Drilling approached Ultrawave with a cleaning problem. Read how we overcame their challenge and delivered a great solution.

Charles Butler Motor Engineers Reduce Cleaning Time by 25% With Ultrawave Image

Read about how Ultrawave helped Charles Butler Motor Engineers with a cleaning solution which cut their cleaning time by 25%.

Ultrawave Ultrasonics Cut Mussett Engineering Cleaning Time By Half  Image

Read how Ultrawave delivered an Ultrasonic cleaning solution to Mussett engineering which reduced their cleaning time by 50%.

Tecvac Ltd reduce downtime by 10-15% with Ultrawave Image

The newly supplied ultrasonic cleaning system has enabled Tecvac to reduce downtime and cut costs considerably.

Nissan Achieves Perfect Finish with Ultrawave Qi-Series Image

Read how Ultrawave help Nissan to ensure the perfect paint finish for cars rolling off the production line at the UKs biggest vehicle production plant.

Terex Trucks Halve Component Cleaning Time Thanks To Ultrawave Image

Could your business benefit from a 50% reduction in cleaning time whilst boosting efficiency? Find out how we helped Terex trucks do just that.

The University of Huddersfield reduces cleaning time by 75% Image

The School of Art, Design and Architecture at The University of Huddersfield used a power wash to clean the aluminium honeycomb slats which forms the bed of one of their laser cutters. See how we cut their cleaning time by 75%.