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Ultrawave Reduce Aerospace Components Cleaning Time By Up To 40%

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Ultrawave, manufacturer of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment, has supplied a 665 Litre system to one of the world’s largest advanced aerospace and defence suppliers.

Due to the nature of the business, this aerospace company requires the highest cleaning standards of aerospace components in order to meet their customers’ requirements.


One of the main challenges this manufacturer faced was the cleaning and degreasing of precision aluminium, mild and stainless steel tubes.

Previously using a smaller, static tank, complete degreasing of both the internal and external surfaces of these hollow tubes had proven very difficult. This process often needed to be repeated to ensure complete removal of grease, meaning long processing time with multiple re-cleans required before the desired cleanliness could be achieved.


Ultrawave proposed a 665L Ultrasonic Cleaner System to accommodate the large components.

According to the company, “when ordering the equipment, Ultrawave recommended an overflow-weir system which is very good at separating grease and other surface contamination. We have seen a marked difference in our results especially with the added filtration system that the HDX665 also contains.”


“We can process things faster. Compared to previously used method, cleaning time has been reduced by 30-40%. Ultrawave’s overflow-weir and filtration system has given much more effective cleaning results for degreasing these hollow tubes.”

“With our specific customer needs in the precision aerospace industry, we needed to step up our cleaning requirements and since using Ultrawave this has been achievable. The HDX665 system is invaluable to our needs, it has really improved our day to day running of the company.”
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