Ultrasonic Cleaning: Try before you buy!

Do you have a product or component that you are struggling to clean effectively and efficiently? 

Let us help: Visit our offices or post us an item to test clean

We are confident that our team of experts can determine the optimum process to meet your unique cleaning requirement, but we know that an investment can be daunting. To give you confidence that Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning is the right method for you, we are happy to let you try before you buy with an ultrasonic cleaning trial. 

Our ultrasonic cleaning trials will ensure the ultrasonic cleaning solution(s) we supply is optimised to suit your needs. Visit our office in Cardiff to trial our products yourself or post us an item to clean and we’ll provide video and images so you can see the results. 

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Ultrasonic Cleaning can help with;

  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity or throughput
  • Higher quality results or repeatability
  • Eliminate cleaning with toxic or solvent based chemicals

As industry experts we understand that validating any cleaning process is as unique as each business. We’ve been providing these solutions for over 30 years we are familiar with applications in many sectors and the regulatory compliance that often comes with these challenges.

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