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Environmental Policy

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Ultrawave recognises the importance of global environmental protection. We are dedicated to meeting this challenge and continue to work towards the implementation of sound environmental standards and practices.

Compliance and Commitment

Ultrawave is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and will ensure the following:

Compliance with Environmental Law and Regulations

  • Our operations are conducted in a manner which respects the quality of the environment and prevents pollution.
  • Effective procedures and equipment for environmental protection are maintained, consistent with available technology.
  • Realistic objectives are set to achieve continual improvement of environmental performance.

Cooperation and Risk Assessment

  • Cooperation, wherever possible, with national and local governments and regulators in analysing environmental issues, investigating problems and developing cost-effective, scientifically-based environmental standards.
  • We work toward reducing the burden on the environment, toward minimizing associated risks and toward lowering the use of energy and resources, at or above the legal requirements.
  • We take appropriate precautions to avoid environmental hazards and to prevent damage to the environment.
  • We assess and incorporate the potential impact on the environment in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage

Individual and Collective Responsibility

As a company, Ultrawave communicates with and ensures our staff understands their role in minimising the environmental impact of their activities.