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Service Contracts

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Modern businesses require that all operations are running at optimum efficiency at all times. Machine downtime or defective operation can be an expensive problem leading to reduced production capabilities and lost revenue.

Ultrawave Service Contracts provide the peace of mind that your ultrasonic cleaning system will deliver the optimum cleaning results for the maximum amount of time. Different industries have different levels of service, validation and calibration requirements. Ultrawave understands this and will be able to recommend and provide After Sales Service to support this.


Ultrawave Service contracts are available on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly schedule.

Performance Validation

Performance testing and validation provides peace of mind that the machine is cleaning effectively and delivering the results it should,


Service contracts can include comprehensive repairs and pre-planned and preventative maintenance to ensure lasting performance and longevity of your ultrasonic cleaning system.

Calibration and Upgrades

Your ultrasonic cleaning system will be fully validated and any software updates and applicable hardward updates available will be installed.

Service History and Documentation

Any required documentation or service certification will be provided.

Please contact us for more information about out Service Contracts.