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Ultrasonic cleaning for your industry

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Ultrasonic cleaning applications in Aerospace


Ultrasonic cleaning technology reaches the most inaccessible surface areas of complex components used in aerospace manufacturing, overhaul, servicing and maintenance stages. Ultrawave’s ultrasonic equipment provides ...
Ultrasonic cleaning MRO automotive


Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and highly efficient way for cleaning automotive hoses, engine parts and tools. Its ability to remove grease, oil and lubricants ...
Ultrasonic cleaning in beauty and wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Customers are more conscious than ever about how clean their surroundings are. This extends to many industries, including beauty and wellness. Where you may once ...
Ultrasonic cleaning defence and avionics

Defence & Weaponry

Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and highly efficient way for cleaning complex components and instruments used in the defence sector. Ultrawave has supplied ultrasonic cleaning ...
Ultrasonic cleaning of dental instruments


If an instrument is not clean, it cannot be sterilised. Ultrasonic dental instrument cleaners are the first stage in the decontamination process of dental instruments. ...
Ultrasonic cleaning in all aspects of engineering


Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning technology is highly effective, removing contaminants from surface areas inaccessible to spray washing or manual cleaning. Using aqueous (water based) detergents, Ultrawave’s ...
Ultrasonic cleaning in food and beverage industries

Food & Beverage

Ultrasonic technology is a widely recognised cleaning method in the food and beverage preparation and manufacturing process. Ultrawave’s food safe ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used ...
Ultrasonic cleaning in healthcare


Ultrawave has worked within the healthcare industry for a number of years. Our ultrasonic cleaning units have been used by companies designing medical device solutions, ...
Bubbles in water action


Can’t find what you’re looking for in our industry list? No problem, we know ultrasonic cleaning can be used in various fields and it’s not ...
Ultrasonic cleaning of optics


Cleaning frames that Customers have tried on can be an onerous task when completed by hand. Using an Ultrasonic cleaner effectively removes all kinds of ...
Ultrasonic applications in Scientific and Pharmaceutical industries

Science & Pharma

Ultrawave’s ultrasonic water baths are used in many scientific laboratories to activate cell disruption, sonication, mixing, homogenising and many other research activities.  The U-Series analogue ...
Ultrasonic cleaning for veterinary practices


Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaners are used as the first stage in the decontamination process of instruments used in veterinary practices. If you need advice on how ...