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The University of Huddersfield reduces cleaning time by 75%

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The School of Art, Design and Architecture at The University of Huddersfield used a power wash to clean the aluminium honeycomb slats which forms the bed of one of their laser cutters.

“The slats became dirty from cutting medium density fibreboard and the residue was very difficult to remove.  Each slat took half a day to clean with the power wash and the end result was very poor. Many slats had to be replaced because of poor cleaning results” says Chris Charlesworth, Technical Team Leader for The University of Huddersfield.

The Solution

The escalating cost of replacing slats and the increasing amount of time it was taking to clean them, without the desired results led to The University of Huddersfield to search for a more efficient cleaning solution.

After researching the market they decided to purchase a customised ultrasonic cleaning system from Ultrawave.  The system was designed to an exact size and shape of the slats so they would fit into it easily.

The University is delighted with the tank and impressed by the cleaning results. “It cleans to an exceptional standard and removes dirt and residue from the hard to reach areas that were previously impossible to clean.” says Chris.

Using this ultrasonic cleaning system has reduced cleaning time from half a day to just one hour per Slat.  “We load the tank and return in an hour to find the slats clean. It has more than paid for itself in the reduction of staff time and has made an extremely tedious task much safer and more pleasant.  The team can now concentrate on other duties instead of spending a large amount of time using the power wash. The amount of time it saves us every day is incredible” says Chris.

Ultrawave’s Customised system has reduced costs for the University as the slats don’t have to be replaced as often. They are now cleaned to a much higher standard and therefore they last longer. Staff find the system easy to use and are impressed by its high standards of quality and reliability. “It makes the job much easier and to be honest I’m not sure what we would do without it” says Chris.