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Case Study

Nissan Achieves Perfect Finish with Ultrawave Qi-Series

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Global carmaker Nissan has adopted ultrasonic cleaning technology from specialist British manufacturer Ultrawave, to ensure the paint finish on its vehicles is perfect as they roll off the production line at the UK’s biggest vehicle production plant.
At the Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant in Sunderland, the colour application process involves high volumes of paint sprayed on through electrostatic bells.


During the process, paint can collect in small holes around the bell cup requiring regular cleaning to ensure a consistent quality paint finish.
Cleaning has to be a delicate operation as any sort of abrasive process would scar and damage the bells, affecting the surface gloss.


Ultrawave undertook some cleaning trials with Nissan and worked with them to develop customised basket carriers for the different size bells. This ensured that the bells were suitably positioned in the four Qi-400 ultrasonic cleaners which Ultrawave supplied.
Following the installation and adoption of the ultrasonic cleaners, Nissan reports that cleaning quality has improved by as much as 20% and the process itself has become a much simpler task to programme than in previous methods used.
Ultrawave’s new Qi-Series combines the highest quality design with advanced Frequency Leap technology for optimum ultrasonic cleaning performance.
Designed for operation in manufacturing applications, the Qi-Series is used in industries from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing to heavy duty cleaning in automotive and engineering processing.
The Qi-400 is a 30L heated ultrasonic cleaner, incorporating a digital control panel for easy and accurate process control with a 2mm thick stainless steel tank for extra durability.
Supplied complete with a stainless steel lid and, in this case a customised basket, the Qi-Series is effective and reliable, giving customers consistent cleaning results time after time.