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Case Study

Ultrawave Ultrasonics Cut Mussett Engineering Cleaning Time By Half

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Mussett Engineering have recently incorporated an Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaner into their manufacturing process of subsea repeater housings, used in fibre optic communication cabling systems.
Founded in 1978, Mussett Engineering provide engineering solutions, product development and precision components to worldwide companies in the aerospace, oil & gas and automotive industries.


The precision components manufactured by the Norfolk based company must meet strict cleanliness requirements in order to withstand the pressures of subsea environments. The components are very intricate in form and manual cleaning is complex and time-consuming.
Due to constant production demands, Mussett required a robust and reliable cleaning system that not only delivered the highest standards but met the demands of around-the-clock deployment.


To meet these exacting manufacturing requirements, Ultrawave supplied an IND5040D ultrasonic cleaner, designed for demanding maintenance and manufacturing applications.
This 65 litre cleaner is supplied with a stainless steel basket, key to Mussett, allowing  components to be safely and stably housed during the cleaning process.


Since the Ultrawave cleaner was installed, cleaning time has been cut in half, meaning components are effectively and consistently cleaned in as little as 6 minutes.
According to Alex Bostock, Purchasing Manager of Mussett Engineering, “the machine is used on virtually a continual basis and has proven to be 100% reliable in operation. This tank has been excellent for our cleaning needs. Ultimately it is a great and efficient cleaning tank, which cleans very quickly and to a high standard.  Basically it does exactly what is says on the tin.”