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Irish Aerospace Flies High Thanks To Ultrawave Ultrasonic

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A leading aircraft maintenance company based in Ireland is using ultrasonic cleaning technology from British manufacturer Ultrawave, to achieve the highest standards in cleaning precision aerospace components.

Operating an onsite maintenance facility, the aerospace company provides world class overhaul, repair and modification services for Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and landing gear used by Airbus and Boeing aircraft at an Ireland International Airport.


In order to meet the superior service and maintenance requirements of the industry and aircraft safety, APUs and landing gear must be cleaned to the highest standards. Handling approximately 400 APU and 250 legs each year, manual methods have proven to be time consuming and insufficient.

The Solution

The company has incorporated two IND2850D industrial grade ultrasonic cleaners into the servicing and maintenance process for precision aerospace components.
Operated through a digital control panel and with an integral heating system, the IND2850D is robust and long lasting, ideally suited to manufacturing and routine maintenance programmes where the highest standards of repeatable performance are essential.


Ultrawave IND2850Ds provide the repeatable, high level cleaning performance that this Irish aerospace company demands, successfully reducing labour costs and turnaround time for its customers in the industry. Staff can now spend more time on other tasks, improving productivity.

The company’s Team Leader said: “We would highly recommend the Ultrawave IND2850D ultrasonic cleaner, having experienced no problems at all with the quality of the equipment and its processing. It certainly fulfils the high standards of cleaning we require.”

Designed for use across a range of industries requiring precision ultrasonic cleaning, the Ultrawave IND2850D is utilised in sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, defence and semiconductor sectors.

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