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Redman Engineering Reduce Cleaning Time By 98%

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Ultrawave, manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, have designed and supplied a 160L ultrasonic cleaning system to Redman Engineering, helping them to improve cleaning quality, reduce cleaning time and eliminating the use of solvent.
Formed in 1977, Redman Engineering provide high quality machining services into precision engineering sectors including Aerospace, Bio-Chemistry, Scientific Research and Imaging Equipment.


The specialised light boxes supplied by Redman Engineering are widely used by researchers at Universities and other laboratories. Using beams of light, prisms and mirrors, information from the light boxes allows researchers to study, detect and determine if an increase or decrease of proteins is required for their individual application.
The light boxes used to be vacuum sealed and were previously cleaned by hand with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and rinsed afterwards using a power washer to remove any chemical residue.
As these light boxes are no longer vacuum sealed, any contaminants left on the mirrors can cause a chemical reaction, affecting how the lights reflect within the light boxes. The mirrors can become coated and therefore will not reflect the light effectively, preventing these light boxes to work effectively


Understanding the high level of cleanliness required from Redman Engineering, Ultrawave recommended an ultrasonic cleaning system with pump and filtration system.
The 160L ultrasonic cleaning system removes contaminant effectively, whilst the pump and twin filtration system improves the cleanliness of the fluid reducing the frequency at which the liquid has to be changed, saving both costs and reducing environmental waste.


Melvyn Goodchild at Redman Engineering says. “The cleaning quality of the light boxes has vastly improved, compared to the previous method of IPA cloth and power washer.”
“Moreover, cleaning time has been reduced immensely. There are lots of fine tap holes found in these light boxes, which could previously take a whole day for the light boxes to become completely cleaned and free of contamination. With Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning system, cleaning now takes 25 minutes.”
“The Ultrawave’s system is very effective and could not clean better. It does exactly what it says on the tin. We have experienced zero downtime and find the ultrasonic cleaning system very easy to use.”