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Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation Achieve Perfect Clean Of Carburettors

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Ultrawave, manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, donated an ex-demo industrial ultrasonic cleaner to Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation (OUMF) for cleaning carburettors.

OUMF is a student initiative which provides a hands-on practical experience of motorsport to predominately engineering students to both Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities. Their aim is to enhance the quality of students graduating into all manufacturing and engineering industries, as well as introducing them into the historic and contemporary racing arenas.


A carburettor is a device that blends and regulates the flow of air and fuel found in all automotive engines, consisting of intricate component parts, some as small as a pin head.

Before the installation of Ultrawave’s IND6045D, the carburettors were cleaned by hand which was timely, painstaking and an inefficient method. Years of dirt and grime could build up within the intricate parts of the carburettor affecting the efficiency of the engines.

The Solution

Ultrawave provided the OUMF with the IND6045D, 90Litre ultrasonic cleaner towards the end of 2014.
Operated by a digital control panel, ultrasonic cycle time can be programmed up to 59 minutes, and the temperature up to 80°C to ensure thorough cleaning of all surfaces.


The students instantly noticed an outstanding improvement in the cleanliness of the carburettors.

Ultrawave’s IND6045D has eliminated the time consuming manual cleaning, allowing the students more time to work on other aspects of the engine and thus increasing their learning time.

The ultrasonic activity penetrates even the smallest areas of the carburettors and has reduced cleaning time to under an hour, compared to the almost impossible task previously.
David Boston, Co-ordinator of OUMF said:

“Overall the Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaning device and its super-efficient technology has resulted in amazing results and gives the students spotlessly clean car component to work with. I simply cannot understand why other people aren’t using it more.”

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