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If you've shopped with us before, you might notice that things look a bit different. We're turning 30 this year and thought it was time for an updated look. Don't worry though, we're still the same company!

Same quality, New look.

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Celebrating 30 Years
Same Quality, New Look

Ultrasonic technology is a widely recognised cleaning method in the food and beverage preparation and manufacturing process.

Ultrawave’s food safe ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used to clean processing machinery in the Food and Beverage industry, in applications such as ultrasonic degreasing.

Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning systems are installed in many companies across the UK, used for cleaning food preparation equipment such as extrusion dies in chocolate, crisps and cereal manufacturing, injection needles for gelatine and many more.

Please contact us to arrange a cleaning trial and to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Case Studies, White Papers & Articles

Ultrawave's Reduces Coffee Boiler Descaling Time From 2 Days To Less Than 1 Hour Image

Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner helped GMS Espresso to cut coffee boiler cleaning time from 2 days to less than 1 hour, whilst reducing costs by 50% and improving productivity and cleaning quality by 90%.


Ultrasonic Cleaning - Catering Extraction Filter Cleaning
Ultrawave Espressonic Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Using Ultrawave's ultrasonic technology, the Espressonic cleans and descales commercial coffee boilers quickly and efficiently.

Blog Posts

Ultrasonic cleaning versus UVC light sterilisation
Ultrasonic cleaning versus UVC light sterilisation

As workplaces begin to reopen following the Covid-19 lockdown, those operating in customer facing roles are tasked with ensuring that their workspace and equipment is clean and disinfected at all times.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?
What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the use of sound waves through water to create microscopic implosions, removing contamination from surfaces, nooks and crannies. The imploding bubbles act like microscopic scrubbing brushes throughout the cleaning tank and remove dirt from all over the item, far more effectively than most other methods.

Keep clean during COVID-19: What does it all mean?
Keep clean during COVID-19: What does it all mean?

We're all being told how important it is to wash our hands and wipe surfaces to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. We all saw the shelves empty of hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes. It's clear that the message is being heard, but are we really understanding it?

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaner Provides Safe Cleaning
Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaner Provides Safe Cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaner uses tiny bubbles to decontaminate surfaces, especially deep into crevices and joints, where wipes and sprays may not reach.

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We are really pleased with our ultrasonic tank from Ultrawave. It cleans quickly and effectively, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability every time.

Sarah Range, Lewisham Dental Practice

"We can process things faster. Compared to previously used method, cleaning time has been reduced by 30-40%. Ultrawave’s overflow-weir and filtration system has given much more effective cleaning results for degreasing these hollow tubes.”

Aerospace Client Representative, Company Representative

"We make a lot of pressings to create components for our instruments, and these need to be cleaned before spraying. As a result of Ultrawave equipment, we are now able to clean these more effectively and efficiently, resulting in better paint adhesion.”

Gavin Roberts, Managing Director, Caerbont Automotive Instruments

"The ultrasonic cleaning system from Ultrawave is easy to use and cleans to an exceptional standard. It ensures thorough cleaning of both internal and external surfaces of the equipment, ensuring that the services Docking Engineering offer to our customers are of the highest standard."

Stewart Rogers, Production Manager, Docking Engineering

"The difference between wiping down with IPA wipes and putting in a bath with active cleaning is massive when there is one person running a cutter and cleaning we’ve now got next to no time on cleaning anymore so he can cut & assemble and package so it is definitely accelerating things!"

Rohan Monico, Volunteer PPE Manufacturer, PPE Manufacturer

"We only have one ultrasonic cleaning system and this has become business critical. Ultrawave’s solution has delivered consistent results as promised in the initial testing, and they have provided continue After Sales and training support wherever required”

Chris Ward, Linx Printing Technologies

“The new Hygea D3ntal machine is a true game-changer and whilst we can’t wait to get it to the market, we are also really pleased to be doing something good at the same time.”

Laura Edgar, Managing Director, Aura Infection Control

“The new Hygea D3ntal machine is a true game-changer and whilst we can’t wait to get it to the market, we are also really pleased to be doing something good at the same time.”

Laura Edgar, Managing Director, Aura Infection Control

Our Clients

Ultrawave are proud to have delivered Ultrasonic Cleaning solutions to the following clients:

Battersea Dogs Home
Oxford Instruments
Portman Dental
Reflex Allen
Dublin Aerospace
Charles Butler
Docking Engineering
Smile Dental
GMS Espresso
TLC Dental
Linx Printing
Genesis Dental
Mussett Engineering
Smileworks Dental
My Dentist