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30 Years! | Ultrawave

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Ultrawave has been manufacturing in the UK over 30 years
December 22, 2020

A few thoughts from Nicola, our Managing Director, as we turn 30 years old.

As we near the end of 2020, a year that has been tumultuous at best and devastating at worst, I’ve found myself looking back at the challenges we’ve faced and the obstacles we’ve overcome to reach the celebration of our 30th birthday.

Through the last three decades of Ultrawave we’ve seen our share of changes. Though none of us knew how hard this pandemic would hit, it seems almost fitting that we’ve been forced to change and adapt once again.

The Early Years

Ultrawave started small and somewhat niche, supplying units into the jewellery industry. Achieving success in those early stages, we naturally found ourselves ready for new challenges. Through research, development, and innovation, we found we could start to manufacture and supply units to many other markets. Just looking at our customer and partner list makes me so proud of our team and how far we’ve come. We are now well-known and trusted in a number of fields, including the highly regulated areas of medical and dental, which has been worth all the hard work!


Looking back at our webpage from 1999, like many companies I’m sure, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come in the world of e-commerce. I don’t think even in our 20th year we had any idea just how important an online presence would be! We love to talk to our customers directly, but so many people now prefer to research online first. The transition from presenting ourselves and products in board-room meetings to presenting via a website has been an interesting and bumpy journey over the years. We now showcase our company and products on our website, helping customers find out more about us and what we do. With ever-changing technological advances I’m sure we’ll be offering even more in the digital world over time. 

Management Buy Out

In 2017 we announced that we had successfully completed a management buyout, allowing us to continue to grow the company when the previous Managing Director wanted to step away. We were so passionate about the company and relished the opportunity to take it to the next level. 

I moved into the Managing Director role a few years ago and have loved leading the whole team through our journey ever since. 

The First Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit with Wireless Connectivity! 

Last year we were excited to launch the first ultrasonic cleaning unit featuring wireless connectivity. Research and Development is always a high priority for us; we consistently look for ways to improve our products. We found that the process of tracing cycles was an onerous task for the customer, particularly in 2019 when so much is digital! So we looked at ways around this. Now we have the hygea d3ntal which features wireless connectivity, meaning cycle logs can be sent to the practice PC at the touch of a button. We’ve had great feedback and are spurred on to find even more ways to help our customers with product enhancements.


We’ve all felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic this year, personally and in the workplace. It’s been a hard year for Ultrawave. With so many of our customers having to close their doors for months, we really felt an impact. The management team have worked hard to seek out the strengths within our staff and work together to pull through. We’ve taken the opportunity to step back and look at our products and processes. We launched the new Sanitiser range that can be used in customer-facing industries to provide a safer environment. We also launched our first 2in1 cleaner disinfectant, Ultraclean Disinfect+. I’m proud to say that the team really looked for opportunities not only to keep Ultrawave running, but to help other businesses stay clean and safe.


We decided it was time for a re-fresh of our brand and our 30th year seemed the ideal time. Our previous logo has held us in good stead, but we realised of late that it was starting to look a bit tired. We now have a fresh, flexible, and contemporary brand that will see us through the next few decades! The new design and colour palette allow our machines to seamlessly fit into numerous industries, as well as offering our clean and modern look which reflects our quality and innovation. 


We’re really looking forward to starting 2021 with a new look, a new perspective and we hope, many new opportunities. 

Keep a look out for us and please help us out by recommending us, sharing our posts or just telling people about Ultrawave. We’re celebrating a wonderful 30 years so far, but at this time more than ever we really do need your help to spread the word and keep us going for the next 3