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The IND45 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner is robust and reliable, delivering effective cleaning results.

Effective cleaning and high productivity
The improved cleaning results reduce the need for re-cleans or rejects, whilst the simple one-button-press operation allows the operator to process other tasks during the cleaning cycle.

Minimal Environmental Impact
The IND-Series utilises an aqueous cleaning process with minimal impact and satisfies health and safety requirements. The stainless steel lid acts as an insulator, minimising evaporation thus lowering heating requirements, water and detergent usage.

Robust and reliable
Built with a heavy duty 316L stainless steel tank, the longevity of the IND-Series is maximised. The stainless steel basket shelf further minimises wear whilst parts are positioned to ensure maximum exposure to ultrasonic cleaning activity.

The Ultrawave IND45 is also available as a heat only tank. This is suitable for rinsing parts & components after the cleaning stage in certain specific applications. If you would like to understand more please contact us on the Ultrawave Customer Service line or contact us via the online chat box on the bottom left of your screen. The IND45 was formally known as the IND4530D.


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Weight 78.7 kg
With wheeled stand?

Yes, No

Product Specifications


Overall Dimensions
615 x 560 x 545mm (W x D x H)
Internal Tank Dimensions
450 x 300 x 350mm
Basket Dimensions
420 x 270 x 285mm
Tank Capacity
47 Litres
Industrial Grade 2mm stainless steel 316L tank
Digital control
Temperature (Ambient to 80°)
Time (0 to 99 minutes)
Operating Features
Basket shelf
Fluid level protection
Industrial grade tank
Stainless steel lockable drain valve
Safety thermal cut off
Ultrasonic Power
Operating Frequency
30 to 40kHz
Heating Power
Mains Connection
230Vac, 13A plug
1 year standard
Options available for 3Year or 5year extended warranty as part of the Planned Preventative Maintenance Service (PPMS)

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Capacity32 Litres47 Litres75 Litres80 Litres90 Litres90 Litres108 Litres108 Litres148 Litres144 Litres158 Litres
Digital ControlYYYYYYYYYYY
Temperature ControlUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°CUp to 80°C
Timer0 to 99 Minutes 0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes0 to 99 Minutes
Industrial Grade Tank SS 316LYYYYYYYYYYY
Drain Valve
SS 316
Safety Thermal CutoffYYYYYYYYYYY
Fluid Level ProtectionYYYYYYYYYYY