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Ultrawave’s Hygea 6427 ultrasonic cleaner provides efficient, powerful pre-sterilisation cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of cannulated instruments used in operating theatre procedures.

Combining high performance transducers and a 32 litre robust stainless steel tank with internal pump and irrigation system, the Hygea 6427 ensures thorough cleaning of both internal and external surface areas of cannulated instruments.

Every cycle can be recorded either in hard copy via the integral printer and/or electronically through the memory card port with Ultrawave’s datalogger software.

Process monitor prevents removal of instruments prior to the completion of the cleaning cycle, ensuing consistent cleaning results whilst improving the safety of operator(s).

The Hygea 6427 is supplied to the NHS.


Additional information

Weight 48 kg

Product Specifications


Overall Dimensions
830 x 410 x 440mm (W x D x H)
Internal Tank Dimensions
640 x 270 x 200mm (W x D x H)
Internal Basket Dimensions
617 x 252 x 150mm (W x D x H)
Working Capacity
32 Litres / up to 12 cannulated instruments
Menu driven LCD control panel
Operating Features
Dual cycle traceability
Process monitor prevents cycle interruption
Integral printer provides hard copy validation
Memory card port for digital cycle traceability
Thermostatic over-temperature cut-off prevents the risk of protein coagulation
Compliance and approvals
Compliant to the relevant sections of HTM2030
Mains Connection
3 year warranty


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