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The Cleanest Boilers Make The Greatest Coffee!

Using Ultrawave’s ultrasonic technology, the Espressonic cleans and descales commercial coffee boilers quickly and efficiently.

Developed with established coffee machine maintenance companies, the Espressonic has been designed to streamline the boiler servicing process. The main tank can descale a 2, 3 or 4 group boiler and its pipework while manual scrubbing is eliminated as the smaller accessories are decontaminated in the removable Bain-Marie tank simultaneously.

This dual cleaning arrangement together with Ultrawave’s ultrasonics speed up the maintenance process drastically, whilst improving operator safety with a more environmentally friendly detergent. The Espressonic is ergonomic, easy to use and cleaning cycles can begin through a one button press.

Incorporating a pump and filtration system, the Espressonic minimises usage of water and detergent; reducing running costs as well as environmental impact compared to standard methods.

Using the new Espressonic, complete cleaning and descaling of a boiler can now be achieved in as little as 1 hour.

Remember, the cleanest boilers make the greatest coffee!


Additional information

Weight 250 kg

Product Specifications


Overall Tank Dimensions
1570 x 600 x 790mm (W x D x H)
Internal Tank Dimensions
1270 x 460 x 375mm
Boiler Basket Dimensions
880 x 374 x 265mm
Bain-Marie Dimensions
290 x 320 x 145mm
Working Capacity
165 Litres
2mm thick 316L stainless steel tank
Temperature (Ambient to 80°C)
Time (0 to 240 minutes or continuous mode)
Operating Features
Fluid level protection
Lid holder
Lockable drain valve
Support Struts for basket draining
Tri-program heat control
Integrated Recirculation System
Integrated jetting system
Pump and filtration System
Ultrasonic Power
1800W (RMS)
5000W (Peak to Peak)
Operating Frequency
30 to 40kHz
Heating Power
Required Services
230Vac, 25A
1 year