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Case Study

Ultrawave Reduces Coffee Boiler Descaling Time From 2 Days To Less Than 1 Hour

Reduced cleaning and descaling time from 2 days to less than 1 hour

Reduced costs by 50%

Increased productivity and cleaning quality by 90%

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Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner helped GMS Espresso to cut coffee boiler cleaning time from 2 days to less than 1 hour.GMS Espresso, the High Wycombe-based nationally operating company, specialises in the supply, servicing and cleaning of commercial coffee machines used throughout hotels, restaurants, cafes and associated leisure industries.


Employed in busy commercial catering environments, the coffee machines cleaned by GMS Espresso are used continually throughout the day. This leads to a build-up of lime scale within its copper boilers, pipes and other components within the coffee machines.If left untreated, leakages and blockages may occur which will affect the day to day running of these coffee machines.Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a high level of cleanliness for the coffee boilers and their components to ensure the highest efficiency during service.

Previously, GMS Espresso utilised an acid bath based cleaning process which proved to be extremely time consuming, taking anywhere up to two days to thoroughly clean boilers and pipes within each coffee machine.

The Solution

This long cleaning process with lengthy servicing time and increased labour costs led GMS Espresso to look for a more efficient solution. Ultrawave supplied an Ultrasonic cleaning tank which allows GMS Espresso to clean their longest boilers and pipes.

“We are very pleased with Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner; this new system is easy to use with a quick and simple programming and activating process.” Says Garry Saunders, Managing Director of GMS Espresso.

“Our old acid bath would take around 2 days to clean and remove limescale from the copper boilers and pipes. Ultrawave’s system has reduced this to 50 minutes to thoroughly clean a coffee machine.” Says Garry


By dramatically speeding up the cleaning process, Ultrawave has radically improved the servicing efficiency of coffee boilers for GMS Espresso, reducing manpower costs and related overheads as a result.

• Reduced cleaning and descaling time from 2 days to under 1 hour

• Reduced labour costs

• Increased productivity and cleaning quality by 90%

“The main challenges were removing scale from boilers and pipes. Since using Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner, we have cut descaling time, increased productivity and quality by 90%. We are now saving on time, servicing coffee machines quicker and the bath is much easier to use.” Says Garry Saunders, Managing Director of GMS Espresso.

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