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Cheshire Classic Cars Drive To Success With Ultrawave

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Ultrawave has supplied an IND2850D ultrasonic cleaner to Cheshire Classic Cars, one of the UK’s leading classic car specialists with a worldwide customer base.

Cheshire Classic Cars provide sales, service and restoration of a full range of classic prestige, competition and high performance cars. The company is renowned for preparing the world’s most prestigious marques.


In order to achieve better control of component cleaning and improve cost efficiency, Cheshire Classic Cars decided to bring carburettor cleaning in-house, which was previously out-sourced.

To maintain the highest standards of engineering when dealing with high performance and collectable vehicles, Cheshire Classic Cars required an ultrasonic cleaning system.

The Solution

To meet the specific needs of the company, Ultrawave supplied a 30Litre IND2850D from their Industrial range of precision ultrasonic cleaners. These industrial grade ultrasonic cleaners are designed for demanding maintenance and manufacturing applications.

Since installing Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaner, Cheshire Classic Cars have cut their costs. Precision cleaning of components is now carried out in-house, rather than being sent out to external carburettor cleaning companies.

Simon Ball, Chief Technician and Workshop Manager of Cheshire Classic Cars said: “When deciding to take our component cleaning in-house, we knew we needed ultrasonic cleaning technology of the highest quality to maintain our exacting standards.”

“We are very pleased with Ultrawave’s IND2850D which perfectly meets our needs for efficiency and results. By completing a full cleaning cycle in just 50 minutes, it has saved us a huge amount of time as a result.”

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