hygea dental Basket Carrier System

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The hygea d3ntal basket carrier system has been designed with your complete decontamination process in mind.

It maximises the space within the hygea d3ntal ultrasonic cleaning bath giving you the option to clean up to 60 instruments in one cycle. Not only this, but our trays and cassettes have been designed to fit inside other common decontamination devices, therefore saving process time when switching instruments between cassettes.

The hygea d3ntal basket carrier system comes as a complete bundle with 2 trays and 2 cassettes, or you can build your own system specific to your requirements.

The carrier can hold the following combinations:

1 Tray & 4 Cassettes

2 Trays & 2 Cassettes

3 Trays

6 Cassettes


Please note - Instruments are not included.