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Partnering with Dentaid to spread smiles worldwide

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July 3, 2020

After taking the decision to discontinue their well-known Hygea 2 Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrawave have partnered with Dentaid & Aura Infection Control to send used machines to practices in need.

Dentaid support dental clinicians around the world to provide dental care to those less fortunate. Providing equipment to clinics in regions like Africa and Asia means dental practitioners can give much needed treatment to people living in some of the poorest and most remote communities around the world.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Dentaid and Aura Infection Control in order to able to help communities around the world with this initiative.”
Carl Gibbs, Group Commercial Director, Ultrawave

Working with Aura Infection Control, Ultrawave are striving to put older machines to good use rather than see them relegated to storage cupboards or rubbish piles in future. While the Hygea 2 machines can still safely be used in UK and EU practices, the decreased availability of materials means over time Ultrawave will be unable to provide the prompt and high-quality support they pride themselves on.
Trading in the Hygea 2 unit now will give customers the opportunity to claim a discount on the new Hygea d3ntal®, while knowing that their functioning Hygea 2 will be put to good use.

“The new hygea d3ntal machine is a true game-changer and whilst we can’t wait to get it to the market, we are also really pleased to be doing something good at the same time.”
Laura Edgar, Managing Director Aura Infection Control

In locations where healthcare is a luxury, stopping the spread of infection is crucial. Equipment that provides efficient and effective cleaning can help keep people healthier and happier. Ultrawave and Dentaid believe that donated Hygea 2 machines will make a big difference to those who really need it.

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To find out more about Dentaid and the work they do, visit If you have a Hygea 2 and would like to discuss trading in, call Ultrawave on +44(0)8453304236 or email
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