Servicing and Validations

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Servicing, Maintenance & Repair

Like all equipment, Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaning systems may require some support in the field and we are able to offer a full range of maintenance and repair services. On occasion, we may not be able to diagnose and repair a fault over the phone and will need to analyse your ultrasonic cleaning system to provide a solution.

As well as in-house Service team, we also have engineers that can visit your site to diagnose, resolve and recommend preventative maintenance to ensure any faults cause minimal disruption.

Service Contracts

Modern businesses require that all operations are running at optimum efficiency at all times. Machine downtime or defective operation can be an expensive problem leading to reduced production capabilities and lost revenue.

Ultrawave Service Contracts provide the peace of mind that your ultrasonic cleaning system will deliver the optimum cleaning results for the maximum amount of time. Different industries have different levels of service, validation and calibration requirements. Ultrawave understands this and will be able to recommend and provide After Sales Service to support this.

Ultrawave Service contracts are available on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly schedule.

Performance Validation
Performance testing and validation provides peace of mind that the machine is cleaning effectively and delivering the results it should,

Service contracts can include comprehensive repairs and pre-planned and preventative maintenance to ensure lasting performance and longevity of your ultrasonic cleaning system.

Calibration and Upgrades
Your ultrasonic cleaning system will be fully validated and any software updates and applicable hardward updates available will be installed.

Service History and Documentation
Any required documentation or service certification will be provided.

Validation Testing

Ultrawave recommends that your ultrasonic cleaning system is professionally tested and its performance validated on at least an annual basis. Like an MOT on a car, annual testing ensures that the ultrasonic cleaner continues to operate effectively, providing the cleaning and processing results that you demand.


The minimum requirement for performance testing and validation is every 12 months. However, more demanding and heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacture may require more frequent testing. Ultrawave’s Validation contracts are available on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis.

Tests and Checks

Ultrawave’s Validation testing ensures that your ultrasonic cleaning system is working as it should. As well as cleaning efficacy and ultrasonic activity tests, Ultrawave’s professionally qualified engineers will calibrate your ultrasonic cleaner to ensure optimum performance.


Depending on the size of your ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrawave can undertake validation and performance testing at your site or we offer a Return To Base service.

If you are unsure what level of validation testing your system requires or wish to discuss our Validation contracts in more detail, please contact the Ultrawave After Sales department: 

+44 (0) 845 330 4236

+44 (0) 2920 837 337

Hygea Service Contracts

HTM01-05 requires your decontamination equipment to be tested on an annual basis. Ultrawave Hygea Service Contract provides the annual validation and performance testing, as well as an option for an extended 12 months’ cover for any maintenance or service work that may be required for the following year.

  • Full machine functionality check
  • Frequency and output power measurements
  • Cleaning Efficacy Test
  • Ultrasonic Activity Test (Foil & Activity Meter)
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Full inspection of the bath including tank and transducers
  • Inspection of plumbing and pipe-work
  • Portable Appliance Test
  • Certificate of Validation upon completion
  • Process assessment and improvement recommendations

Courtesy Hygea bath
Ultrawave understand the importance of your Hygea ultrasonic bath, therefore a loan bath will be provided when you take out your Hygea Service contracts with us. Moreover, we will take care of all delivery and collection of both the loan and your Hygea bath to minimise disruption to your decontamination process.

Choose from one of the following Hygea Service Options:
Hygea Care 365
Annual 10 Point Test and full 12 month Service Contract

Hygea Validate
One-off Annual 10 Point Test only

For further information on Ultrawave’s Service Contracts, contact our Service department on:

Tel: +44 (0) 845 330 4238


Service options for mainland UK only. Terms & conditions apply