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Fighting Covid-19: New specialist disinfectant and range of ultrasonic cleaning baths | Ultrawave

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September 25, 2020

We have  developed a specialist disinfectant solution and a range of intense cleaning baths to support businesses in maintaining cleaning standards, and preventing virus transmission, as they reopen.

We have  developed a specialist disinfectant solution and a range of intense cleaning baths to support businesses in maintaining cleaning standards, and preventing virus transmission, as they reopen.  

This comes as the Government has announced almost 3,000 new coronavirus cases, with fears of a second wave of the virus increasing and speculation surrounding further lockdowns intensifying.

In a bid to prevent this, we have launched our new Ultraclean Disinfectant+ and the Sanitiser Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Range. 

Ultraclean Disinfect+ acts as a cleaner and disinfectant in one, helping to eradicate germs in as little as six minutes and is effective against enveloped viruses, such as SARS CoV-2 which causes Covid-19. The Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath range, which is available in five, nine, and 13 litres, increases cleaning efficacy and offers consistent cleaning performance.

The newly developed products, which our team of manufacturing specialists have been developing  in response to the pandemic, are highly effective in cleaning and disinfecting plastic PPE products. This will enable users to prolong the lifespan of their PPE in the event of a second wave of infections, rather than consistently relying on disposable face masks.

Both products can support intense cleaning across a range of industries including, engineering, pharmaceutical, optical, healthcare, health and beauty, and food and beverage.

Nicola Watkins, Managing Director said: “With rising cases of coronavirus being reported, this is an understandably concerning time for businesses across all professional industries.” 

“Many have lost months of vital income as a result of lockdown, and may only now be beginning to reopen again with stringent health and safety procedures in place to ensure they can continue operating. In order to support them and the economy at this unprecedentedly challenging time, we have drawn on our 30 years’ of expertise to create a range of highly specialised products.” 

“Our Sanitiser Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath is designed to allow business owners to clean their equipment quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing a deep clean. Using the Ultrasonic bath allows them to simply put their equipment in to the machine to be cleaned while they clean surfaces and prepare for their next customer.  

“The Sanitiser and our specially formulated disinfectant offers repeatable cleaning performance and consistent results. The machine deep cleans equipment and penetrates every nook and cranny, removing hidden germs that washing by hand simply can’t reach, while our disinfectant works to kill Covid-19. 

We believe that our products offer unbeatable quality and hygiene, and we hope that they can be utilised to give businesses peace of mind during this challenging time.” 

Ultraclean Disinfect+ is a proven mycobactericidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal,  fungicidal, yeasticidal. It is also effective against enveloped viruses. With a disinfection contact time of only 1 minute and a cleaning cycle time as short as 5 minutes (simultaneous action in a 6 minute cycle), you can be sure your items are ready for re-use quickly.

SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 is an enveloped virus. The specific strain of virus responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet available for commercial testing. However, as with other commercial disinfectant brands, Ultraclean Disinfect+ has been tested against surrogate virus strains and is able to inactivate all enveloped viruses.  The independent testing was in line with British and European standards.