StarStream - Handheld Ultrasonic Cleaner



StarStream is an innovative new technology which delivers a stream of water, charged with both ultrasonic and bubbles, to a nozzle. Incorporating the traditional properties of ultrasonic cleaning technology, flow from the nozzle cleans the surface of the item to be cleaned on contact. The bubbles work as "smart scrubbers", greatly enhancing the cleaning efficacy of the ultrasound by entering crevices to seek out and efficiently remove contamination.

The device works with cold water and requires no cleaning detergents or additives. StarStream consumes very little power and uses much less water than conventional cleaning systems thus delivering excellent environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Until now, cleaning items using ultrasonic cleaning has been limited by the size of the tank into which items are submerged. A key advantage of StarStream is portability and flexibility.

StarStream has been invented by researchers at the University of Southampton and has won numerous innovation awards. Ultrawave are now working with the University to develop the technology into a product for both general and specific cleaning applications.

If you would like to discuss how StarStream could meet your cleaning requirements and review commercial collaboration opportunities, then please contact us.