Ultrawave Sanitiser Provides Safe PPE Cleaning

Sanitise PPE

Already being used to clean PPE after manufacturing, the S-13 is speeding delivery times with hundreds of clean masks already supplied to local hospitals and care homes.Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of tiny bubbles to decontaminate surfaces, especially deep into crevices and joins, where wipes and sprays may not reach.

The difference between wiping down with IPA wipes and putting in a bath with active cleaning is massive when there is one person running a cutter and cleaning we’ve now got next to no time on cleaning anymore so he can cut & assemble and package so it is definitely accelerating things!  Rohan Monico, Volunteer PPE Manufacturer

Clean PPE & ReUse PPE

The Ultrawave S-13 Sanitiser also provides a solution to extend the usable life of PPE. Providing a way to clean PPE, removing traces of virus contamination and bacteria, it ensures a safe solution for front line staff to re-use.  With a cycle time of only 2 minutes and the capacity to clean six face shields or 20 pairs of​ glasses/goggles in one cycle.


We have typically seen its use for cleaning PPE in care homes, hospitals, optometry and manufacturing, but the Sanitiser is also suitable for cleaning in a host of other environments and can be tailored to your requirements.  


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