Hygea 2 News

Watch our video announcing the new initiative to send old Hygea 2 units to help those in need.

Partnering to spread smiles worldwide

In locations where healthcare is a luxury, stopping the spread of infection is crucial. Ultrawave have partnered with Dentaid & Aura Infection Control to send used machines to practices in need worldwide. 

Leading F1 Racing Team Uses Ultrawave Ultrasonics For High Quality Cleaning Results

A leading F1 Racing Team is using Ultrawave’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment as part of its racing car testing and manufacturing process. The Team already has an Ultrawave IND5800D Ultrasonic Cleaner on site, used for the effective removal of resin and support structure from 3D printed prototype models. These models are...

The University of Huddersfield reduces cleaning time by 75%

Business Benefits Reduce cleaning time by 75% (From 4 hours to 1 hour) Free staff time to complete other tasks Improve cleaning quality Re-use slats to reduce cost Streamline cleaning process Challenges The School of Art, Design and Architecture at The University of Huddersfield used a power wash to clean...